Getting ready

Well it is the week before actual classes start, and I still have about a million things to finish, start, find, organize, and think about. It all seems a little overwhelming. It is also the last week before my monthly publication goes to print – always a busy week at the best of times. How the hell am I going to make it through this?

Time to hunker down, time manage myself, and just breathe. And finish ordering my books. Oh ya, and finish registration… and proof my ads for the magazine … and get some pre-requisite homework done … and edit my girlfriend’s wedding pictures…

I can do it. I knew it was going to be tough. But I firmly believe that it will all fall into a rhythm. I just have to focus, get the proper positive mindset on, and ignore the naysayers (of which, there are always a few). I have made it through more crazy times. I will go through crazier things. This is just a new beginning to a new adventure. And new adventures can be scary. And exciting. It’s all how we choose to see it. I choose excitement.

So where does that leave me today? Well, honestly, with a bit of a late start to my day. But that’s ok. I will do my ad work for the rest of the morning (because that’s what pays the bills), head over to TRU after lunch and finish up some paperwork over there, get my school log-in information (because there is a lot of school work happening on-line these days, as well as in class – handy – I like that), then finish up some ad stuff, make a couple of calls for my lead story this month, make some dinner, hang out with the family, edit a few photos, and then get some homework done. Whew.

Sounds like a lot, but it also looks like there is more than enough time. Amazing how much of it there actually is when you cut out things like ‘spend 4 hours on Facebook’ or ‘watch my 5 favourite tv shows’. Besides – the foundations of the human body is way more interesting than what a chef can do with baked eel, roma tomatoes, and candied yams. Though I should still look into a good time management program. Or just a good old fashioned day-timer.

So, on that note, off I go to start the day. Wish me luck!


About jharland

A 40-something mother, wife, business owner, friend, writer, self-proclaimed semi-hippie, lover of bacon and carbs (though they don't love me) and, most recently, a new university student.
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