Heading out for first day of school

Well, here we go. It’s the first full day of university, I am 40 years old and haven’t been to school in years, I don’t have all my textbooks ordered yet, and I am scared as hell. 

Orientation went well last week. Met my classmates. There is, surprisingly, a good mix of ages in there. While the majority of them are as young as my eldest daughter, there are a couple of classies that are more my age. Including one I went to high school with – so that is comforting. 

I even managed to get through the huge pile of pre-homework. Pre-homework. Who ever heard of pre-homework? It’s the torture before you go to the chambers, really. Turns out it wasn’t all that bad. Buckets of reading, for sure. And a lot to think about. But still, not too bad. 

I even got through going to press with our magazine, with only one major mess up. It is bound to happen, and even though it is a glaring mistake (we printed the wrong name on someone’s ad), I was able to smooth it over with the owner and I let it go without wallowing in self-blame. Which is a milestone for me, in and of itself. 

Now I just have to remember everyone’s name. 


About jharland

A 40-something mother, wife, business owner, friend, writer, self-proclaimed semi-hippie, lover of bacon and carbs (though they don't love me) and, most recently, a new university student.
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