One Week since I changed my world

With one full week of classes behind me, I am still feeling like heading back to school at 40 years old is a good idea. Am I in a honeymoon phase? Is that even a thing when going back to school? Or maybe I’m not actually doing as much as I am supposed to… God, am I not doing enough homework?

Truth be told, I am still a little nervous that my poor brain isn’t going to able to manage everything I have going on. But a good amount of positive self-talk, seemingly excellent and helpful instructors and TRU staff, some vital long-distance phone calls with my bff, and the occasional bubble-bath (complete with a glass of merlot), keeps me on the positive track. But some days it is harder than others. There is a lot going on in my world.

For example: It is also the end of the third weekend of my new DJ night job. It is also mid-way through our magazine deadline. And, wouldn’t you know it, the baby is teething. What this all means is that Sundays are a day of rest and mild-exhaustion, but that’s not too much different than what is normal for me so it is nothing I can’t handle. Yet. But so far, so good. 

The first week of classes, themselves, have been pretty mellow so far. I expect that to change in no time. But as of right now it is a lot of introduction to the subjects themselves. What is surprising, though, is the amount of reading. There are some substantial text books involved in this course. And not everything that we need to know is going to be covered in class. So I have had to schedule in time each night, after baby goes to bed, for text review and homework.

My poor hubby is pretty convinced that we’re not going to see each other for the next couple of years. And, I suppose, to some degree, he is right. Gone are the days of lounging around every evening playing video games or watching movies. Gone are the lazy weekends heading out for a festival or a road trip on a whim. Everything for the next couple of years is scheduled. Everything. But scheduling is what is also going to make it all work. Including making time to hang out and play games or cuddle up and watch something on the tube. And just like classes, tests, and the work schedule – family time is scheduled in pen.

So what have I learned this week? I have learned that depression and anxiety are a result, in part, of extreme levels of stress. I have learned that effective communication is key in the nursing profession. I have learned that with time-management you really can have it all – just not all at the same time. I have learned that, if you can, it is far easier to work with the current editions of the needed text books. And I have learned that everything is better when you have great friends and family around you. Even if they are sulking because they have to wait till you’re done your homework before you can hang out.


About jharland

A 40-something mother, wife, business owner, friend, writer, self-proclaimed semi-hippie, lover of bacon and carbs (though they don't love me) and, most recently, a new university student.
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3 Responses to One Week since I changed my world

  1. Allison says:

    I think it may be less a honeymoon phase than culture shock. At first you’re all “so this is what all the cool people have been doing” and then later you’re all like “these people aren’t cool – they are freakin’ teenagers!” and then if you allow the anxiety produced by the fact that you are back in school with teenagers to subside, eventually you’re like, “I’m totally cool for doing this and my life experience makes up for the brain cells I am killing in the bathtub with the merlot.” At least that’s kind of how it went for me. Hang in there.

    • jharland says:

      Thanks! I, also, believe that life experience makes up for the Merlot-slaughtered brain cells. And heck yes, culture shock without-a-doubt! Hell, half these kids are my daughter’s age. In fact, I see some of her friends in the halls. Then they show up at the club I DJ at, drinks in hand, talking to me about how “awesome it is that you’re going back to school when you’re all … you know … old and stuff”… Sigh. Time to run the tub. 🙂

  2. I totally get it Julie most of the kids I started the program with were friends or knew Alex. Homework is a definite culture shock and sometimes you think what the hell was I thinking at my age. On the flipside your maturity and experiences in life are going to be such a huge asset in clinical, that you will own it. Good luck and welcome to the nursing adventure

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