First midterms down, time for a drink!

Two midterms completed this week, and it’s only Wednesday. What can I say except for – It wasn’t that bad. I didn’t spontaneously combust. I managed to put all of my clothes on. And I even matched! I was, perhaps, sans make-up, but that is another issue (namely organizing my mornings). And to top it all of, I think I did pretty damn good on the exams, themselves.

What can I say? Slow down. Relax. Be prepared and there is no reason to stress. The knowledge is in there. Cramming like a madman 1/2 hour before the test is not going to accomplish anything. There is no honor in stressing. And, to take the advice of a like-minded classmate, maybe throw a shot of Bailey’s in your coffee in the morning. Ok, maybe save the last one for after the test, but you get the idea. Chill. It will all be ok.

It likely helped that the instructors up at Thompson Rivers University WL were kind to us this first go around. After all, these are the first midterms of the first year. Too soon to scare us all off. I am sure they will save that for later on. But I hold fast to the mantra of ‘If you learn it, it is in there.’

So now that leaves the rest of the school week open for things like Vital Signs practice, bed lifts and research papers. And perhaps some Bailey’s in my coffee.


About jharland

A 40-something mother, wife, business owner, friend, writer, self-proclaimed semi-hippie, lover of bacon and carbs (though they don't love me) and, most recently, a new university student.
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