Another day, another challenge…

This morning’s meeting held a frag bomb for me. After the majority of the week spent on cloud nine thanks to some ass-kicking at midterms and the gift of some new-to-me scrubs from an unexpected source, I was told that the university funding that had been assured is, in fact, not possible. It’s a good thing that it was self-directed study this morning, I wasn’t fit to tie my shoes let alone retain pertinent info in a classroom. So mostly I went home and became a whiny sot for the better part of the morning. God bless my poor family for putting up with me in those moments.

So what was the big problem? Not to get into too many details, but the work-for-trade deal that was supposed to put my butt through school came to a screeching halt due to insufficient funding on the other end. To their credit they certainly tried – they really did, alas, to no avail.  And with the news… My. Heart. Stopped.

Now I completely understand that sometimes the universe works in mysterious ways. And I also understand that even the very best of intentions don’t always pan out, and I am not blaming the original source. Sometimes things just don’t work out the way we planned. But what this means now is that I am sitting here after doing some stellar work, kicking some ass on midterms, and jazzed beyond understanding about the new life and profession that is coming to me, and I am facing the very real dilemma of either creatively coming up with thousands of dollars or having to withdraw from nursing school.

I suppose I said that I wanted the real university experience – well, here it is.

Now, I have already tried the student loan route, scholarship route, the grant/bursary route, as well as draining the personal resources, and there’s nothing left. So what comes next? I’m not sure. Here’s where I get to be creative and use some of those problem solving skills I am supposed to be good at. That and pester my friends and family for ideas. Ideas and cash.

So what is this post about? Am I reaching out for funds from you? Maybe a little bit – if you have been following the blog and dig it so far, or have a burning desire to help a 40-year old woman get her nursing diploma, there is a PayPal donation button on the side bar. Am I venting? For sure, this is the hardest news I’ve had to deal with in … I can’t even remember how long. But mostly I am sharing the school journey as I have committed to do. And this is certainly a part of my education journey. One that changes the whole course of how it is all going to play out. Does it mean I lay down and give up? Hell no. That’s not who I am. And that’s part of what is going to make me a great nurse at the end of it all. The stubborn tenacity to get the job done. And I still have faith that it will.

So, what are my creative funding thoughts? Well, a public source funding tool, for one. I am setting up an account with IndiGoGo this afternoon and will have that link up as soon as it is together. And I have some pretty supportive friends who are already talking about belly dancing events, beer and burger dinners and sexy nurse car washes as fundraisers. Nothing like a bunch of hot chicks to get the dollars moving. And, of course, chasing the elusive grant money for later semesters. If this were the States I’d sell a kidney… Ok, maybe not the kidney thing. Maybe. Probably not…

As for school and funding and life around it – I’ll keep you all posted. And hey, Thanks for listening.


About jharland

A 40-something mother, wife, business owner, friend, writer, self-proclaimed semi-hippie, lover of bacon and carbs (though they don't love me) and, most recently, a new university student.
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